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    Fast reliable quality plumbing and drain cleaning services. Let’s face it, clogged drains are a pain in the neck. They make toilets overflow, sinks get stopped up, and sewage back up into the shower. And sometimes they just won’t respond to over the counter drain clog removers.
    Arman Grigoryan, New Flow Plumbing Inc.
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  • Plumbing Repair Los Angeles Areas

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    Fast, guaranteed no hassle plumbing leak repair. Is there water leaking into your home, ruining your carpet or walls? Or Sewer Water Overflowing in your bathroom floors? We are experts in repairing plumbing problems right away. Call us today, and we will come to your home or office in matter of minutes!
    Arman Grigoryan, New Flow Plumbing Inc.
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  • Rooter Services Los Angeles

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    Clogged pipes can cause HUGE problems. Overflowing toilets, sewage backing up into your shower, and water flooding your home are just a few. Don't waste another minute dealing with clogged drains. Take your home back right now, with your trusted rooter services los angeles!
    Arman Grigoryan, New Flow Plumbing Inc.
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New Flow Plumbing is proud to serve the greater Los Angeles area including San Fernando Valley, West Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West San Gabriel Valley and surrounding areas. Please view the following detailed list of Service Areas of Los Angeles Plumber:

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He arrived on time, as promised, was clean and well-equipped and got right to work. In one case, the tenant had damaged the disposal by grinding up screws, and the other disposal just died of old age. We had a good laugh over tenant misbehavior (he has seen it all) and by the time he had replaced both disposals, the tenants were happy and I felt his bill was really reasonable. I have a new “regular plumber” now.

Julie B. (via Yelp.com)West Los Angeles

“I don’t normally write reviews for services but I have to admit, I was incredibly surprised with the service provided by Arman. Not only was he able to come out on a Friday night but helped us during an emergency crisis as well. My sister was having a small get together but found out right before the party that her all her bathroom toilets weren’t draining. I researched a bit and liked the reviews I saw for this company and made a quick call. Arman came within 15 minutes, accessed the situation and offered us a cheap and fast drain cleaning. Having saw the amount of people at the party he said this will be the best solution for tonight and then he’d be more than happy to stop by tomorrow to repair the broken section of the sewer pipe in the front yard.

In all, the service was excellent and really salvaged our party, I’d highly recommend Arman’s service!”

Bran S. (via Yelp.com)Los Angeles

“Short answer – use them, they are great, inexpensive, very professional and incredibly pleasant.

Arman (or maybe Armen) is great. Told him I had simple plumbing job – 1/2 hour. Swapping out kitchen sink faucet. He gave me estimate – lowest of my three calls – and then said he could be there in about 90 minutes. Said he would update me when he would be leaving current job. That is what he did and he showed up exactly when he said.

It was not a simple job. Of course nut was rusted on. Of course. Always. Had to saw it. Arman got quite a work out and it took closer to 90 minutes. I waited to see what the upcharge would be. None! He said he hates quoting a price and then chaining it. I gave him more anyway.

On top of everything – a really calm, positive guy. Will always call them.”

Mike G (via Yelp.com)Santa Monica

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Basic Problems with Gas Hot Water Heaters in Los Angeles

Gas Hot Water Heaters are still widely used across the Los Angeles County, despite the rapid emergence of Tankless Water Heaters in the last few years. Tank Type Water Heaters come in different sizes, 40 gallon, 50 gallon, 75 gallon and 100 Gallon capacity. Most manufacturers offer several years of limited warranty, when it is […]

Kitchen Drain Problems and Solutions for Los Angeles homes

Every house in Los Angeles has at least three types of plumbing drains in the house; kitchen drain, bathroom sink-tub drain, and toilet drain. All these three types of drains encounter plumbing problems after years of usage, and one of the most common issues that occur in the drain pipes are the kitchen sink stoppages […]