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Medical Machining

Medical machining is process used for manufacturing different types of medical tools such as scissors, clamps, surgical knives, syringes, and others. Medical instruments manufacturing uses advanced machining processes that help in producing precision medical tools and equipment required in the medical industry.

Medical machining involves fabrication of metal parts, which are extremely intricate and are made from thin metal sheets. Different techniques used in medical machining include chemical etching, and metal stamping. Chemical etching machining process is mainly used for producing typical precision medical parts. The machining system offers a great flexibility for producing precision medical tools with unusual configuration as well as metals with tight tolerance within .0005. Besides this, chemical etching machining is capable of producing small holes and bars that are not possible with other machining processes. The machining system is ideal for both prototype and production of large quantities of precision medical instruments.

Another technique known as the metal stamping machining phenomenon, which is also referred to as progressive die stamping or long run metal stamping, is extensively used in production of precision medical equipment with thickness from .002 to .135. The technique is mainly used for processing typical low price parts that are formed into three dimensions. Another common process is Wire Electrical-Discharge Machining (EDM) in which the metal is separated from a conductive work piece by means of electrical erosion. During this process, the wire never touches the conductive work piece and leaves a path on the work piece, which is slightly larger than the wire.

The advancement in precision medical machining has provided a significant boost to the medical industry, as surgical procedures need parts, which are designed with utmost perfection. Medical machining phenomenon has helped in manufacturing better quality hospital tools, thus serving greatly for a social cause.

Anco Precision and its job shop specialize in manufacturing complex intricate parts to exacting tolerances. This includes CNC machining and multi-axis milling and turning, from prototype quantities to high volumes. The company produces finished or almost finished parts from bar stock, typically in one setup. In addition to precision machining as the core competency, Anco Precision has established expertise in a wide range of manufacturing capabilities to be your full-service, single source supplier. Anco Precision is well positioned to support your programs from prototype, pre-production and up through high production volumes. This means we can provide a competitive advantage in accelerated time to market, flexibility and at the lowest total cost.

Anco Precision combines technologically advanced equipment with exceptionally talented manufacturing engineers and machinists to develop robust, efficient processes. When linked with well-conceived process controls, Anco precision delivers on time with consistent quality and superior value.

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