Why hire professional sewer inspection and repair contractors in Los Angeles?

For any business or residential property situated in and around Los Angeles, sewer lines happen to be a crucial part of its wastewater removal system. Thus, any problems associated with the Los Angeles sewer lines are not to be taken lightly. As unattended sewer lines problems will lead to a lot of issues including property damage.

Equipped to provide expert help

Any kind of sewer line repair work require the attention of licensed professional plumbers. Only an expert sewer inspection and repair Los Angeles professional will be able to locate, detect and resolve the problem at hand accurately and quickly.

Sewer line repair Los Angeles services are needed for problems like sewer line backups, slow removal of the wastewater, pipes breaking or crushing, gurgling, leaks, clogs and such others. These problems can be caused by a number of reasons like scale or sediment buildup, tree root infiltration, lateral line problems and such others.

As the sewer lines are located underneath the establishment, hence without the right knowledge and tools it is impossible to pinpoint and/or locate the reason behind the sewer line problem.

But a qualified sewer line inspection Los Angeles contractor/service provider has the experience, training and all the latest tools and equipment to successfully get to the root of the problem and fix it accordingly.

Locating the problem without additional damages

As sewer lines are located underground, it was impossible to locate and understand the problem without digging up the yard or driveway. This is not a concern for the property owner anymore, as the expert sewer repair Los Angeles CA contractors are handling the situation with the help of trenchless repairs, installation and replacement. Trenchless sewer repair Los Angeles process has provided accurate result with zero additional damages to the property.

The process is explained here in brief for anyone who is not familiar with it:

  • First mapping of the problematic plumbing system will be conducted by the professional; followed by identification and inspection of the problem at hand.
  • After that the drains will be isolated and drained for a proper Los Angeles sewer cleaning.
  • After drying with compressed air, the epoxy lining process will be conducted by the professional.
  • After the epoxy lining, the plumbing system will be refitted to make it ready for different tests. The tests are conducted to make sure that the system is working properly.
  • Lastly, sewer camera inspection will be conducted.

The process will differ from one contractor to another. Nevertheless, this very process does come with the same advantage that is no tearing or damaging of the property during the Los Angeles sewer repair work.

Here it is important to mention that this very process performed by different sewer repair Los Angeles professionals comes with other advantages too. Many times, the problem may seem like a big one, but regular cleaning or replacing of a damaged/old or faulty part can fix the problem at hand.

Thus, this process will help the professional to realize that the current problem is not serious at all. So, in such a case, the professional will provide normal/simple sewer replacement Los Angeles or sewer cleaning Los Angeles services to fix the sewer lines. Hence, it is also safe to say that this process also comes with the advantage of cost saving.

Facts About Sewer Repair Los Angeles

Sewer pipes are the major part of the plumbing system in residential or commercial properties in Los Angeles areas. Drain pipes exiting the building portion is called Sewer Line or Sewer Pipeline. Many residential properties have minimum 3 inch up to 4 inch pipeline up to the property line or inner edge of the sidewalk, which is sometimes called upper lateral sewer.

Sewer Repair Los Angeles

For the most part, after the property lines, the pipeline becomes 6 inch size after reaching the sidewalk area. Homeowners usually understand that the problems involved to sewer pipes inside the property line are the proprietor’s responsibility to fix, but when it comes to fixing the 6 inch pipeline sewer repair, which is called lower lateral sewer line, some homeowners disagree that they hold the responsibility of hiring a sewer contractor for the sewer repair Los Angeles.

Lower lateral which goes from the sidewalk area to the middle of the street, and this is where many building or home owners have questions like:

  • This pipe is under the street, will the city do my sewer repair?
  • Isn’t this the cities responsibility to repair my sewer lateral?

According to City of Los Angeles Department of Public Works, "Maintenance of the sewer lateral, the sewer that carries wastewater from buildings to the public sewer is the responsibility of the property owner as described in the City’s Municipal Code. The sewer lateral consists of upper and lower laterals. The upper lateral extends from the building structure to the property line. The segment from the property line to the street sewer is called lower lateral. Property owners are responsible for proper maintenance and operation of upper and lower laterals."

In other words, it is the homeowners’ responsibility to hire a sewer contractor do their sewer repair related both sections, the portion from the house to the property line, and the segment from the property line to the city sewer connection. If you have any questions about your sewer repair in Los Angeles County, Please Contact New Flow Plumbing Inc.