Pipe Bursting Services

What Is Pipe Bursting?

Sometimes, the damage to a sewer pipe is so extensive it can’t be lined. For example, it’s impossible to line a collapsed pipe. In these cases, we use a minimally-invasive, trenchless repair technique called pipe bursting to replace the damaged pipe with a brand new HDPE pipe.

Pipe Bursting is…

  • Minimally-invasive. Like pipe lining, pipe bursting is a trenchless technique. No heavy excavation needed. Just a couple of 4ft x 4ft pits to access the damaged pipe.
  • Fast. Your damaged pipe can usually be replaced with a brand new pipe in as little as one working day.
  • A permanent solution. Your brand new HDPE pipe will last from 50-100 years.
  • Cost-effective. Because pipe bursting is a trenchless repair technique, there’s no excavation and therefore no property damage to repair later. Your home’s walls and floors remain intact.

How It Works

Pipe bursting pulls a brand new pipe into your old one. Here’s how it works…

  1. Your pipe is first inspected by a special CCTV sewer camera to assess the damage, look for blockages, and to make sure it’s not a candidate for pipe lining. A sewer line inspection is a non-invasive procedure that takes around 30 minutes to complete. We’re usually able to access the pipe via a clean out.
  2. The next step involves digging two small pits (around 4ft x 4ft) in order to access the damaged pipe.
  3. The new HDPE replacement pipe is then attached to a winch with a cone-shaped bursting head, and pulled through the damaged pipe. As this happens, the damaged pipe is broken apart and the new pipe takes its place.
  4. Once the repair is complete, the two access points are filled.
  5. The final step is another sewer camera inspection to make sure everything is OK.

Pipe bursting can be used to replace up to 200 meters of pipe.

The Benefits Of Pipe Bursting

  • Pipe bursting is a minimally-invasive procedure that can replace a damaged sewer pipe without digging up floors or tearing down walls. No trenches and no excavation mean no property damage, unlike traditional sewer replacement. That means you won’t need to spend thousands of dollars putting everything back together again after the repair is complete.
  • Only requires digging two 4ft x 4ft pits in order to get at the pipe and the procedure can be completed in a day. That means no traffic disruptions or relocation needed. You can stay in your home during the repair.
  • Not a temporary fix. It’s a permanent solution. Your brand new HDPE pipe will last up to 100 years.
  • Can also be used to replace a functioning pipe with a larger one in order to increase the flow rate.

How Much Does Pipe Bursting Cost?

While pipe bursting saves homeowners money when it comes to replacing their lateral house-to-street sewer line. This is especially true if you have expensive landscaping. Pipe bursting for your house-to-street sewer line is also typically more cost-effective than CIPP. Each situation is different, so after we perform a sewer camera and site inspection we will be in a better situation to give you our recommendations.

As with any trenchless sewer repair quote, keep in mind that the repair itself may be more expensive than a conventional dig-up-and-replace quote, but you should also take into consideration the cost of restoring your landscaping and other finishes that would be destroyed during the replacement process. At New Flow Plumbing, we offer both trenchless and conventional sewer replacement services, so contact us today for our best recommendations that will save you time, money, and headaches on your sewer repair project.

Will Pipe Bursting Work In All Cases?

Unfortunately, no. Pipe bursting cannot be used in all cases. For example, a completely collapsed or disintegrated pipe cannot be fixed via pipe bursting. The method can only be used to repair a sewer line that’s reasonably intact. In other words, the pipe that’s going to be replaced must have a clear path to set up the pulling cable. If it doesn’t, traditional sewer repair methods will need to be used.

If you’re having trouble with your sewer line, request a quote or give us a call today at (310) 694-5451.

Our Service Area

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