Sewer Inspection Services

Sewer camera inspection

Think you might have a problem with your sewer pipes? A CCTV sewer inspection will allow us to see inside your pipes and solve the mystery. If there’s a problem with your pipes, we’ll know exactly what it is, where it is, and we’ll be able to offer you the right solution.

Sewer pipes can be damaged by a variety of things including – but certainly not limited to – invasive tree roots, improper installation, earthquakes, and the normal wear and tear that happens to everything over time. The job of a sewer inspection is to find out where the problem is located in the pipe, as well as its nature and severity.

A video inspection of your sewer line is an easy, non-destructive way to find out what’s going on inside your pipes. We look for obstructions such as tree roots, areas that have collapsed, build-up from various substances, and cracks or breaks.

There’s no digging involved. The video inspection camera is inserted via clean outs, a vent stack opening, or by removing a toilet. (Don’t worry. We’ll put it back together again when we’re done.)

After the inspection has been completed, we’ll write up a report on the condition of the pipe(s) that includes information about the problem areas, blockages, and our recommended solution. If you give us your USB on-site, we’ll even give you a copy of the video inspection recording.

You can think of a CCTV sewer inspection as something like a colonoscopy for your pipes. It’s a diagnostic tool that allows us to find out what’s wrong so that we can offer a way to fix it.

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How Sewer Inspection Works

Sewer InspectionThe CCTV sewer inspection cameras designed for inspecting residential pipes 2-6 inches in diameter are hand-operated. The camera is attached to the end of a reel that is then pushed/pulled by hand. It has lights to see (it’s pretty dark down there!) and can travel up to around 175 feet down a sewer line from the access point. The camera records everything it sees for later analysis.

A CCTV sewer inspection will enable us to pinpoint the exact location of the problem, see the extent of the damage, and determine if it’s possible to repair the problem using a trenchless method.

We always perform a CCTV sewer inspection both before and after using a trenchless repair method such as pipe lining, pipe bursting, brush coating, or spray lining.

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The Benefits Of A Sewer Inspection

A CCTV sewer inspection – because it’s minimally-invasive – allows you to find out the condition of your sewer pipes without having to dig up your floors or knock down your walls. We’ll be able to quickly determine the exact location, the nature of the problem, and how to fix it.

Sewer inspections are great for preventative maintenance, and can help you pinpoint at-risk sections of pipe so they can be repaired before they break. This can save you a lot of money in the long run.

If the inspection uncovers a problem and your sewer line needs to be repaired, we offer both trenchless and traditional sewer repair and replacement.

Trenchless Sewer Repair

Thanks to today’s minimally-invasive trenchless technology, it’s no longer necessary to dig trenches, knock down walls, and dig up floors in order to perform sewer repair. Repairs that used to take days, or even weeks in some cases, can now be done in just hours.

At the most, trenchless sewer repair means digging two 4ft x 4ft pits in order to access the pipe. When the repair is done, the pits are filled, and you don’t have to pay for the clean up normally associated with traditional sewer repair and replacement.

For more information see our page about trenchless sewer repair.

Traditional Sewer Repair and Replacement

Trenchless sewer repair is minimally-invasive and quick. Unfortunately, it can’t be used in every situation. For example, if a sewer pipe has collapsed, it can’t be lined or replaced via pipe bursting. In these cases, the only solution is traditional sewer repair or replacement. This means bringing in heavy excavation equipment and digging a trench to access the damaged pipe.

Depending on where the problem is located, traditional sewer repair and replacement could mean damage to property as we dig to get at the pipe. This is why a periodic sewer inspection is a great way to find problems while they’re small and easy to fix.

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