Hydro Jetting Services

In the past, clogged sewer lines were snaked using long, steel augers. Today, clogged sewer lines can be easily cleaned with just pressurized water. Think of it as power washing for your sewer pipes. Hydro jetting drain cleaning can even remove small tree roots.

Hydro Jetting is…

  • Non-invasive. There’s no need for digging. We easily access the clogged pipe via a cleanout.
  • Safe. Hydro jetting uses water only, no chemicals.
  • Gets rid of everything. There’s virtually no obstruction hydro jetting can’t cut through. Even small tree roots are no match for highly pressurized water. Hydro jetting gets rid of everything, while other methods like snaking, just poke holes in whatever’s clogging the pipe.
  • Environmentally-friendly. It’s just pressurized water!

How Hydro Jetting Works

Hydro jetting is the ultimate cleaning solution for sewer pipes. Here’s how it works…

  1. We first inspect your pipe using a special CCTV video camera. We do this to find out what’s blocking your pipe. If you have big tree roots in there, they’ll need to be removed before hydro jetting. If the pipe has collapsed, it obviously can’t be cleaned. It will need to be replaced. Also, the condition of the pipe determines the amount of pressure and which nozzles are used during hydro jetting.
  2. We access the clogged pipe via a cleanout. This is a section of pipe with a removable cap. It provides easy access to your sewer system. We remove the cap and insert the hose, which is connected to a tank of water and the machine that creates the pressure.
  3. Your clogged pipe gets hydro jetted. When the self-propelled hydro jetting nozzle encounters an obstruction, it shoots highly pressurized water at it until it breaks up. The debris is then flushed away. Special nozzles are used depending on what they need to cut through. This might be tree roots, grease, hair, debris, soil sediment, or something else. Some nozzles are designed to easily cut through small tree roots while others are designed for cutting through and then gently flushing away sludge. If large tree roots are obstructing the pipe, the technician may use a plumbing snake to cut through them first, prior to hydro jetting. While hydro jetting can cut through small tree roots, the big roots need to be cut using another method.
  4. We do a final video inspection. After we’ve thoroughly cleaned your pipe, we do a final video inspection. We do this to see the pipe’s condition after cleaning. Sometimes, cracks that weren’t visible before, are clearly visible after cleaning. Obviously, cracked pipes need to be repaired. So, you should anticipate this possibility before you hydro jet your pipes.

The water used in hydro jetting is highly pressurized (up to 4000 PSI). Therefore, it’s not a DIY project or something that should be attempted by amateurs. Only experienced hydro jetting technicians know how much pressure to use on a particular pipe and how to regulate the pressure while jetting. Too much pressure can break pipes that have already been weakened.

Because hydro jetting can reveal problems that were unknown before, you should be ready to proceed with sewer line repair should it be necessary. For more information see our page about pipe lining.

Benefits Of Hydro Jetting

The number one benefit of hydro jetting is that it gets rid of everything. Small tree roots, soil, debris, sand, grease, hair, and anything else that might be in there obstructing the pipe. Restaurants routinely hydro jet their sewer lines to get rid of grease build up.

Hydro jetting is environmentally friendly because it uses water only to flush the sewer line clean.

Hydro jetting is better than snaking which just pokes holes in the sludge and debris. While snaking can get rid of obstructions to a certain extent, there’s always something left in the pipe. Hydro jetting washes it all away.

Hydro jetting is non-invasive. No digging is involved. We access the pipe via a clean out.

When To Use Hydro Jetting

Sometimes snaking a sewer line just isn’t enough to cut through all the heavy build up. In these cases, hydro jetting is the solution. It can easily cut through and flush away just about anything – including small tree roots – in a flash. It works with all types of pipes and can be part of a routine preventative maintenance program so that your sewer line remains in top shape.

How Much Does Hydro Jetting Cost?

The cost of hydro jetting depends on a variety of factors including what’s obstructing the pipe, accessibility and location of the pipe, and the location of the obstruction within the pipe and whether the project is residential or commercial. A blockage near the entrance to the clean out will take less time to flush away than one located some distance from the clean out. If you contact us, we can ask some questions and give you a price for hydro jetting.

In general, hydro jetting does cost more than snaking the sewer line to remove blockages. However, in terms of effectiveness, you can’t beat it. If you’re dealing with a stubborn blockage, hydro jetting is the easy solution.

If you’re having trouble with your sewer pipes, give us a call today at (310) 694-5451.

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