Blocked sewers might cause several troubles in your South Pasadena house, so call a plumber. With our professionals, you can be confident that we’ll solve all of your plumbing concerns and keep your property in top shape. Sewer camera inspections in South Pasadena are a vital part of diagnosing and repairing drainage issues. Using this powerful technique, we can rapidly locate the problem, minimizing repair time and costs.

Sewer Camera Inspection In South Pasadena

The Process of Sewer Camera Inspection 

The sewer camera looks like a snake. Its camera can travel through pipes and drains. It helps plumbers find and diagnose interior plumbing issues. Using a high-definition video camera and an LED light, you can now look into your pipes.

Reasons to Hire a Sewer Camera Inspection Company

1. Slow Drains

Slow drains can indicate a severe issue deeper in your sewer line. An issue with your sewage may cause gurgling or water even when your drains are open. A camera inspection can detect root intrusion or another clog in your drains, preventing leaks or other damage.

2. Bad Smells

Sewer odors staying outside your home or billowing across your land are usually indications of a sewer line problem. Request a camera examination to look for clogs and other problems.

3. Water and Mold Damage

Water damage, mold, and mildew growth can all result from a leaking sewer line on your property. Mold spores are dangerous to your health, so if you notice a musty, moldy odor on your property, call us right immediately for a camera inspection.

4. Green Patches

Flooding occurs when a sewer line ruptures, resulting in lush green lawns. This frequently happens when roots infiltrate sewer lines because moisture acts as a natural fertilizer for roots. Before more water pools, a video inspection can uncover root intrusion and other concerns.

5. High Water Bills

If you’ve seen an increase in your water bill without changing your water usage habits, you may have a damaged or leaky pipe. If a sewage line bursts, you must act quickly to avoid expensive water bills and property damage.

Your Top Choice of Sewer Camera Inspection in South Pasadena

A sewer system is required for a working plumbing system. Parts of the system remove and transport water from a home to a city’s waste treatment plant. How much water goes through these 2 to 3-inch pipes daily? Even after many years of use, sewer lines rarely need repair.

New Flow Plumbing is a top plumbing contractor in South Pasadena and the surrounding areas. If you experience regular clogs, your sewer system may be failing. After inspecting your sewage line, our professionals will advise you on the best course of action.

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