There are numerous reasons to contact a plumber, including blocked sewers that can cause various issues in your Monterey Park home. With our experts, you can always rest assured that we’ll handle all of your plumbing issues to ensure that your home residence is in the greatest possible condition. A sewer camera inspection in Monterey Park is one of our most important techniques for inspecting and fixing problems within the drainage system. With the aid of this advanced tool, we can quickly and accurately determine the location of the problem, thus reducing repair time and cost.

Sewer Camera Inspection in Monterey Park

The Process of Sewer Camera Inspection

The sewer inspection camera resembles a snake. Your plumber can use the camera on the end of the instrument to travel your pipes or drains. These inspections help plumbers detect, locate, and diagnose internal plumbing issues. Now you can see inside your pipes on an LCD screen using a high-definition video camera and an LED light.

Your plumber will need to assess your home’s plumbing system and the severity of your problems. In other cases, your plumber may need to feed the camera through various drains and pipes. This will aid the plumber in locating potential sewage backup spots. Depending on the sewer inspection results, your plumber may be able to utilize a sewage cleaning machine for clearing the obstruction. If the sewer is severely damaged, you may need to excavate to fix it.

The camera can detect cracks, collapses, and misalignments caused by earth movements or even tree root penetration impacting water flow via your pipes. It can also check your plumbing’s corrosion, leaks, and minor and significant clogs. Overall, the sewer inspection camera helps plumbers locate and fix problems faster.

Reasons to Hire a Sewer Camera Inspection Company

  • Slow Drains

Slow drains aren’t just an irritation; they may signal a major issue deeper in your sewer line. You may hear gurgling or water even when your drains are not flowing if you have a sewer problem. A camera check can establish if your drains are slow due to root incursion or another form of a clog, preventing leaks or other damage.

  • Bad Smells

Smells of sewage lingering outside your house or wafting across your property are generally signs of a sewer line problem. Call for a camera inspection to check for clogs and other issues.

  • Water and Mold Damage

A leaking sewer line can cause water damage and mold, and mildew growth on your property. Mold spores are harmful to your health, so if you notice a musty, moldy smell on your property, call us straight away for a camera examination.

  • Green Patches

When a sewer pipe bursts, water often seeps into your yard, leaving beautiful green areas. This is frequent when roots invade sewer pipes because roots naturally seek out wetness, which functions as a natural fertilizer. Fortunately, a video examination can detect root incursion and other issues before more pooling water occurs.

  • High Water Bills

You may have a busted or leaky pipe if you’ve observed a rise in your water bill without changing your water usage habits. If a sewage pipe bursts, you must act fast to avoid costly water bills and property damage.

Your Top Choice of Sewer Camera Inspection in Monterey Park

To have a functioning plumbing system, one must have a sewer system. System components remove and transfer water from a dwelling to a city’s municipal waste treatment facility. How much water passes through these 2 to 3-inch diameter pipes every day? Sewer lines rarely require plumbing repairs even after many years of use.

New Flow Plumbing is a leading plumbing contractor in the area specializing in sewer camera inspection in Monterey Park and the neighboring regions. If frequent stoppages have plagued you, your sewer system may have a more serious issue. Our experts will thoroughly examine your sewage line before recommending the best course of action for your house.

We appreciate our clients’ patronage and are dedicated to providing them with high-quality service. If you’re having drainage issues or simply want to learn more about the health of your sewage system, contact us right away to schedule a sewer camera inspection. We can work with you if you have a specified period or budget.

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