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New Flow Plumbing has been busy fixing broken sewer lines in Sylmar – and the Los Angeles area – for 25 years. We know how to use trenchless techniques to both repair and replace damaged sewer lines.

What are trenchless techniques?

In a nutshell, trenchless sewer repair techniques mean we aren’t going to dig a big, long ditch through the middle of your living room, or bedroom, or kitchen, or bathroom, or any other room in your house. That was how it was done in the past. Back then, sewer repair was pretty invasive, and when the contractor was finished, the homeowner had a big mess to clean up. A mess that often meant an expensive remodeling job to repair the damage cause by the sewer repair. Definitely not a pleasant situation.

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Trenchless Sewer Repair

So, things have changed a lot since the days when invasive sewer repair methods were commonplace. Today, trenchless repair methods like structural pipe lining and pipe bursting have virtually done away with invasive sewer repair. We say ”virtually” because there are still a few problems that can’t be fixed using trenchless methods. For example, back-pitched and collapsed pipes can’t be fixed using a trenchless method. However, virtually ever other sewer repair can now be done via a trenchless technique.

Trenchless sewer repair is a real money saver because there’s no mess to clean up, and by ”mess” we mean property damage. It’s also fast. Repairs that used to take days – and even weeks in some cases – now take only hours to complete.

Sewer Pipe Lining

Structural pipe lining (also called sewer pipe lining, cured-in-place-pipe lining (CIPP), or just plain pipe lining), is a trenchless repair method that uses a special two-part epoxy to form a brand new pipe inside the damaged one. Here’s how it works…

  1. A sewer camera inspection is absolutely necessary in order to get a look inside the problem pipe. It will tell us the extent and type of damage. It will also tell us whether or not the pipe can be fixed using a trenchless method. As we mentioned above, back-pitched and collapsed pipes can’t be repaired using a trenchless technique.
  2. If the damaged pipe is a candidate for pipe lining, we give it a thorough cleaning, via either hydro jetting or some other method.
  3. Now begins the actual sewer pipe lining process. We take a liner – that has been saturated with a special epoxy –  and insert it into the pipe. Inside the liner is a bladder, and when we inflate it, it pushes the liner up against the inside walls of the pipe. The epoxy then oozes into all the tiny holes, cracks, and broken joints.
  4. After the liner cures for several hours, the bladder is deflated and removed.
  5. You now have a brand new pipe!

Sewer Line Replacement in Sylmar

As we mentioned above, trenchless sewer repair is both a money and a time saver. Pipes can be repaired in mere hours, and when the repair is done, you won’t have a big mess to clean up. However, if the problem pipe is back-pitched, or has collapsed, it will need to be replaced using conventional sewer repair methods. We’ve been using conventional sewer repair methods for decades. We’ll have your sewer line working again in no time!

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