It doesn’t matter if your sewage line has been leaking for years or if your house is just starting to show signs of wear—you need to know that you’re getting top-quality treatment every time. This is where New Flow Plumbing can help. We’ve been working with homes for years, and our goal has always been the same: to assist you in restoring your pipes so they perform properly.

Main Sewer Line Repair

The main sewer line in your home is the first line of defense against any type of sewer blockage. To safeguard your assets and your health, have them inspected on a regular basis and fixed as needed. When your main sewer line fails, it’s crucial to know that you can count on New Flow Plumbing to repair it. Our highly educated professionals are ready to assist you with any pipe problem, large or small.

Pipe Bursting Sewer Line Replacement

Pipe bursting is perfect for repairing sewer lines since it eliminates the need to dig up your yard or driveway. It is a relatively recent technology for repairing broken pipes that uses high-pressure water and air jets to inject resin into the pipe’s interior. It’s fast, safe, and dependable—and when performed by our skilled plumbers at New Flow Plumbing, it can save you money over alternative repair techniques.

Sewer Line Inspection and Repair

Sewer line inspection and repair services are vital since they can help you avoid future plumbing issues. If you do not do frequent sewage line inspections, you may miss a gradual leak in time to spare your property from flooding. This could cost you thousands of dollars! New Flow Plumbing provides sewage line inspection and repair services to protect the safety of your house. We will visit your home and inspect it for any problems before they become a problem.

Sewer Line Repair Cost

It can be a tremendous pain when your sewer line breaks. You must wait for the plumber to arrive before paying for the repair. If you’re not careful, it might cost you a lot of money! However, knowing what to expect from the repair and how much it will cost you will allow you to budget for it and prevent being taken off guard.

The first thing you should know about sewer line repairs is that they can be rather expensive. The usual cost of a sewage line repair is $3,000 – $5000; however, this can vary based on where in Mission Hills your house is located, what sort of plumbing was used during construction (for example, PVC pipes instead of steel), and the type of repair that will be employed.If you need sewage line repair in Mission Hills, California, go no further than New Flow Plumbing! We offer high-quality services that are built to last. We have been serving the area for many years and have earned a good reputation for providing exceptional customer service at reasonable pricing. Call now for a free estimate!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you only have one slow sink or one clogged toilet, you may not require sewer replacement. You might just need those drain lines cleaned. If, on the other hand, you’ve observed that every drain in your house or company is slow, or if you’ve experienced repeated wastewater backups, it may be time for sewage line repair.

Trenchless pipe replacement entails either bursting the existing pipe and installing a new pipe in the same tunnel or lining the existing pipe with an epoxy liner. Both of these technologies require little digging and excavation, making them perfect when the sewer line runs beneath walkways, driveways, and parking lots.

Trenchless pipe replacement typically takes one to two days, which is much faster than standard pipe replacement. The time required to complete the replacement will vary depending on the type of trenchless pipe replacement you select.

Normal wear and tear are one of the leading causes of sewer-related problems. Sewer lines can also be affected by tree roots, soil movements, variations in water pressure, and corrosion hastened by pipe scale or debris collection. Sudden temperature changes can also influence sewer pipes and cause damage.

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