The sewage line is essential to the day-to-day operation of your plumbing system. However, this is one of the most underappreciated aspects of our homes. Many Toluca Lake, CA residents don’t think about their sewer connections until something goes wrong. As a homeowner, you will encounter sewage line problems at some point. Fortunately, repairing sewer lines in your house or company does not have to be a nightmare. In Toluca Lake, an expert plumber may perform trustworthy sewer line repair and replacement. Look no further than New Flow Plumbing if you’re looking for “sewer repair near me.” In a timely manner, our staff can diagnose, find, and repair a wide range of sewer line problems.

Clay Pipe Sewer Line Repair Toulca Lake

Sewer Line Repair Services

New Flow Plumbing’s plumbing professionals can check your sewage line problem and determine whether it can be fixed or replaced. When possible, our staff takes precautions to avoid sewer line replacement. Pipe relining is a popular sort of sewer line repair that we conduct. To prevent pipe cracks, we line your existing sewer pipes with a “sleeve” throughout this process. We clean the pipe, then apply the lining, and you only have to wait a few hours for it to harden!

Clay Pipe Sewer Line Repair

Clay pipe sewer lines are the earliest type of plumbing pipe, and they are still widely used today. They are extremely durable, but they can crack or break due to a variety of factors, including external forces like as animals digging or people hitting them, an earthquake, something moving beneath the ground’s surface, and even normal wear and tear.

If you find that your clay pipe is broken or cracked, we can assist you in repairing it so that sewage does not back up into your home. Our skilled specialists will inspect your sewer line and evaluate whether it needs to be repaired or completely replaced. If a repair is possible, our team will work quickly to remedy your problem so you may return to normal operations as soon as possible.

Lawn Sewer Line Replacement

A broken sewer line can cause a slew of issues for your home or business. A broken line can cause significant damage to your yard and garden, as well as sewage backup into your home. This is why it is critical to resolving the issue as quickly as possible! We are here to assist you with all of your plumbing issues, including the replacement of a yard sewer line.

New Flow Plumbing is committed to offering the best sewage line repair and replacement services in Toluca Lake. Our skilled plumbers are available to assist you with all of your plumbing requirements, so if your sewer line has been damaged or broken, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’ll take care of you as soon as possible so you can get back to living.

Frequently Asked Questions

A sewer line replacement costs roughly $3,500 on average, but it can range from $1,000 to $20,000, depending on your situation.

-A sewer line camera inspection may be one of the cost reasons.

-The length and quality of the pipe used.

-Traditional methods vs. trenchless approaches

-Landscape design and cleanup.


Grease, fats, and oil are all key contributors to line blockage. Pouring grease, oil, or other fats down the drain is never a smart idea. Always keep hot grease in a coffee can or jar. Once it has solidified, you can dump it.


Sewer line camera inspections typically take one hour to scope the lines of a single-family property. The length is determined by the size of the home/sewer line system, the convenience of access to the pipes, and other criteria.

In most California communities, residents are responsible for maintaining the sewer line from their home to the sewer main, which usually runs beneath or near the roadway near their home.

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