5 Ways to Fix a Sewer Backup On Your Property

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A sewer backup can be a huge hassle. You have to deal with the mess, the repair work, and all of the inconveniences of dealing with this type of problem. But if you want to fix it quickly and easily, there are some things you can do.

There are two types of wastewater: that which goes down the toilet and that which comes from outside sources. Whatever type you’re dealing with, don’t go in unprepared!

Here are some methods for repairing a sewer backup on your property:


One of the most common methods for dealing with a sewer backup is to use a plunger. You can use it to manually force air into the drain and push out any clogs that are present. This is effective if you’re dealing with a small clog or one that isn’t very deep in your pipes.


Chemicals are another way to fix a sewer backup. They can come in liquid or tablets and often contain enzymes that break down grease and other organic matter that clogs drains. However, you should be careful when using chemicals because they can be harmful to your pipes, as well as the environment. If you have any concerns about using chemicals, you should consult a plumber.

Drain Augers

An auger is a device that can be inserted into a drain to break up obstructions. It’s like an industrial-strength version of the one you might use to clean your sink. The device has an electric motor and a cable that extends into the pipe, allowing it to clear debris without any effort on your part. If you use a drain auger, wear protective gear so that no one gets hurt by flying debris or chemicals released during the process.


Hydro-jetting is your best option if you have a larger clog or one deep in your pipes. It uses high-pressure water to blast through the blockage and clear it from your system. It’s similar to a drain auger but much faster and more effective. You should hire an expert for this job because it requires special tools and training.

Sewer Repair or Replacement

If you have a sewer line that’s completely blocked, you’ll need to repair or replace it. Trenchless techniques can be used to repair the line without digging up your yard and sidewalk. This is a big job that requires professional help, so talk with your local plumber about the best course of action for you.

What’s Next?

If you have sewer problems, don’t wait until they get worse. Call a plumber today and get your drain line checked out. New Flow Plumbing offers 24/7 emergency services and can help you with any plumbing problem. We use sewer camera technology to inspect your drain pipes—and clear them of obstructions—before they become too serious. Our licensed plumbers have years of experience fixing sewer systems and can help you restore service quickly. Make sure to contact us immediately.

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