Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Sewer Line Repair

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Without an additional endorsement to your policy, homeowners insurance commonly does not cover sewer line damage done by common causes. However, if somehow the line is on your property and the severe harm is sudden and accidental, your insurance might help pay for the cost of repairs (higher than or equal to the bounds of your policy).

So, does homeowners insurance cover your sewer line if it is affected or has been damaged?

In many of these scenarios, sewer line damage is triggered by something not covered by standard homeowners insurance. For example, repairs are unlikely to be coated or covered if the hose or pipe damage was started by a faulty build or due to poor maintenance. Damages caused by floods, pest problems, earthquakes, or tree roots are frequently excluded. Nevertheless, if the drainage system is on your property, it could be covered by the other structures enumerated on your homeowner’s policy, but it may change.

A policy may support sewer line damage if it is caused due by any one of the following potential risks:

  • Windstorms or hail
  • Explosions
  • Fire or lightning
  • Vehicle or aircraft-related damage
  • Graffiti
  • Objects that fall

Is sewer line coverage thus included in homeowners insurance?

The attributable cause of damage determines whether your home insurance supports sewer lines under your residence. Sewer or Drainage system damage is typically not covered by 

insurance. However, in certain situations, homeowners insurance may cover damage to sewer lines beneath and inside your home resulting from a loss event, such as a blast or destruction of property through graffiti.

It is important to note that damaged pipes must be on one’s premises to be eligible for insurance coverage; pipelines located beyond your property line are the obligation of the entity that owns that segment of the pipe.

Is septic tank coverage included in homeowners insurance coverage?

Damage to your sewage system or septic tank caused by a sudden and unintentional event may be covered by dwelling insurance on your homeowner’s policy. You are unlikely to be supported if the problem is avoidable, such as neglect or a lack of upkeep. Having replaced steel pipes with plastic and having your drainage system inspected regularly can help prevent future sewer line problems.

Is insurance coverage available for tree stumps in a sewer line?

Normally, no. Even as insurance could help cover property damages done by tree stumps, it usually does not encompass expenses involved with sewer lines. Just like when we say, if water from a cracked line causes harm to your property, your insurance can perhaps cover the cost of repairing the damage but not the cost of repairing the pipe.

In some circumstances, deep tree root damage may be taken into account suddenly and unintentionally; check with your policy provider to see if this is the scenario. In any case, regularly checking to see whether roots exert pressure on your system is essential.

Final Thoughts

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