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There is a lot of work involved in acquiring a property, from putting in offers to working with inspectors, and you should be prepared for all of it if you are considering doing so. You are most likely familiar with the concept of a standard 4-point home inspection, but it’s easy to overlook another essential checkup: a sewer scope examination. Getting your home’s sewer lines regularly inspected is necessary to keep your house in good health and reduce the risk of any damage in the future. 

When it comes to having a sewer scope inspection done, the following is a rundown of the most critical information you should be aware of, as well as what to keep an eye out for.

What Is A Sewer Scope Inspection?

A video camera linked to a cable resembling a snake is used during a sewer scope inspection to investigate the sewer line of a residential property. This pipeline, which is privately held, travels from the residence to the main sewer line or septic tank, both of which are owned by the public. A check using a sewer scope can discover a variety of issues, including obstructions, damage to the pipes, and more. In addition, it can identify possible problem areas before they become severe concerns or hazards. 

Following the completion of the inspection, clients will be given a report detailing the results and any recommendations. This offers homeowners, house purchasers, and home sellers the opportunity to take action before the damage becomes extensive, before health problems arise, or before costly repairs are necessary.

Sewer Line Problem Indicators

It would help if you immediately looked into any of the following indications of potential sewer line issues.

  • Stinky Sewers 
  • Backups Of Sewage 
  • Drain Slowly 
  • Extra Green Patches In The Grass 
  • Infestation Of Insects
  • Rat Issues 
  • Yard Indentation 
  • Foundation Issues 
  • Mold Formation

When your sewer line is compromised, it can cause a variety of issues that can range from mild discomfort to serious health concerns. If you notice any changes or irregularities with your home’s plumbing system, contact a professional plumber immediately.

Sewage Exposure Health Risks

Sewage can be forced back into a home if the sewer lines are broken or if they get clogged. This water is contaminated with a wide variety of biological risks, some of which can induce infections of the intestines, lungs, and other organs. In addition, because of the dampness, the climate is ideal for mold growth. In addition, if blockages go unchecked, the problems might expand and put the individuals living in the home in increased danger of experiencing adverse health effects.

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