Sewer Line Cleaning

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Need to know what’s hiding in your sewer lines?

We have high res fiber optic cameras designed to help you uncover what mess is hiding in your sewer drains. We provide sewer line camera inspection los angeles full service for sewer line inspection properties.

Our Prices are:

  • For Residential One Sewer Line with Proper Access $199
  • For Commercial One Sewer Line From Proper Access $299

We can help you reveal your sewer system of all kinds of obstructions including:

  • Roots

  • Build up

  • Damaged lines

  • Things accidentally flushed down the toilet

  • Grease and oil

  • Deteriorated pipes

  • Unauthorized plumbing connections & installation errors

  • Broken joints

  • Shifted connection

  • and everything else that you don’t want in your sewer system!

Sewer camera inspection los angeles Service is a powerful diagnostic service tool only to help you take action when needed. It is similar to Colonoscopy but for your sewer pipe system. You’ll see everything that’s there on a digital monitor so you can make an informed decision about your pipes. Customers must provide their own USB drive at the time of inspection, if recordings needed. All our reports are written, and no recordings is emailed or given with the written report.

Sewer Camera Inspection


Get it today for just $199

*Price subject to residential proper access being available.

Here are Some Benefits of Sewer Pipe Line Video Camera Inspection.

  • find out the nature of the sewer problem (examples: roots, broken pipe, collapsed joint, etc)
  • find out the severity of the pipeline problem (a new developing problem, or its critical condition)
  • find out the location of the problem (front yard, side of the house, near the sidewalk, etc.)
  • find out the depth of the problem (how deep is it, 2 feet or 8 feet or more?)
  • Sewer Pipe Sizes from 3 to 4 to 6 inches

Advantages of sewer camera inspection:

With the hiring of expert sewer contractors Los Angeles comes the advantage of sewer camera inspection. This is an effective, quick and safe way to pinpoint the exact cause or location of the sewer line problem, and that too without damaging or digging up the property. Again, this very service can also help the professional to realize if a routine sewer pipe replacement Los Angeles or sewer line repair Los Angeles service will be enough to fix the problem.

The common sewer camera inspection Los Angeles steps have been mentioned next for a better understanding of this service:

  • The professional will send a fiber optic flexible video camera down the drain/pipes through the problematic sewer line first.
  • After the sewer inspection Los Angeles process, the professionals will discuss with the client/customer the problem at hand and also the appropriate step they will take in order to correct the problems.
Plumber prepares to fix the problem in the sewer with portable camera for pipe inspection and other plumbing work.

Capable to handle emergency cases
Besides the mentioned sewer inspection and repair Los Angeles services and advantages that the professionals have to offer, they are also helpful when it comes to providing immediate or emergency services in and around Los Angeles like Santa Monica and such others. Different sewer repair Santa Monica professionals have been helping many by providing emergency inspection, replacement and repairs services 24/7 even during the holidays.

Call us today for Sewer Pipe Line Video Camera Inspection Service for Only $199 for Residential.

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For fast and reliable Sewer Pipeline Video Camera Inspection Service in Los Angeles, please call us at 310-694-5451 .