Tips For A Realtor When Needing A Sewer Camera Inspection

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As a realtor, you most likely work with inspection agencies to do the necessary home inspections prior to a sale. The sewer lines, on the other hand, are simple to overlook because they are out of sight. Having a sewer camera inspection in Santa Clarita can help you assess the property’s value. It provides an appraisal of the pipe’s condition, as well as its age and material composition. 

Sewer Camera Inspection in Santa Clarita

Reducing Costs

An inspector will search for apparent leaks, run water through the fixtures, and check the water pressure. Because they won’t be staying long, a clogged or damaged sewer line may go undetected. A sewer camera inspection will help you negotiate repair costs and provide the buyer peace of mind.

Assist Buyers in Making Informed Decisions

Sewer camera inspection services are required if a home was built before 1970 and still has cast iron or clay pipes. Although these pipes were designed to persist, factors such as frequent blockages and shifting soil may compromise their structural integrity. They may also be nearing the end of their useful life, necessitating a complete pipe replacement. This may be an issue for the buyer, which is why sewer inspections will assist them in making an informed decision.

Examine for Tree Root Invasion

A thorough sewage examination will also guarantee that no tree roots are encroaching on the sewer lines. This is especially true for residences that are bordered by mature trees. If we discover root mass in the pipes, we may suggest drain cleaning and pipelining methods to prevent the problem from reoccurring in the future. As a result, the buyer will not have to deal with sewer backups, slow drains, or other unforeseen difficulties that can lead to emergencies. When realtors take the initiative to hire professional sewage and drain inspection services, it reduces the likelihood of clients complaining later. This also assures that the pricing is reasonable for both parties.

Common Problems We Discover

During the examination, we frequently discover tree root invasions, bellied pipes, broken lines, and old pipes that require sewer line replacement. Although your inspector will evaluate the entire property, it is likely that they will lack the instruments and knowledge necessary to access your underground pipes. A sewage inspection is the only method to find out what’s going on with the sewer system of the property you wish to sell.

Clay tile sewer drains were constructed using clay tile pipes. These pipes were installed end to end in the drain trench from the house to the sewage main. Root infiltration was possible due to the small holes generated at each pipe joint. This necessitated snaking or cleaning these drains every six months to a year to eradicate these roots.

Allow the sewer pipeline repair and inspection experts at New Flow Plumbing to assist you whether you are selling commercial or residential property. We provide detailed reports to assist your client in making an informed selection while also ensuring excellent work. To make an appointment, please contact us right away.

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