Water Leaks & Pressure Regulators in Los Angeles Homes

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Water leaks from kitchen or bathroom faucets in Los Angeles are common problems that happen in the houses of Los Angeles. Normally, property owners hire a plumber to repair the leaky faucets, but many times the cause of the leak is neglected due to lack of experience in the plumbing service area. It often happens that soon after a leaky faucet is repaired, another plumbing fixture is dripping water, and the owner of the house is wondering what is happening with their plumbing system.

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How To Check For Water Leaks

Here are a few ways to check if you have water leaks.

  • Look for mold/mildew on your walls – Mold can look like a cluster of black, brown, or white dots. Sometimes, mold can grow inside your walls before it appears on the outside. A water leak combined with wood or drywall can create the perfect condition for mold growth.
  • Check if your walls are spongy – Touch your walls and feel if they are soft or moldable. This could mean you have a water leak.
  • Listen for dripping sounds – If a pipe is leaking, you may be able to hear faint drops of water inside your walls.
  • Look for discoloration – A water leak can cause your walls to look washed out or lighter than usual.
  • Check to see if your paint or wallpaper is peeling – A water leak can cause your wallpaper to peel or fall apart.
  • Look for puddles of water – First, check if your dishwasher or washer machine is leaking. Once you rule those out, you can begin looking for the broken pipe.

Other things you can look out for are musty smells, dirty water, or a spike in your water bill. All of these could indicate you have a water leak.

Pressure Fluctuation

Most plumbing fixtures in Los Angeles operate well under 80 psi (pound per square inch, unit measurement for water). When water pressure elevates over 80 psi it creates excessive pressure and tension in the plumbing fixtures. It is very similar to human blood pressure, when blood pressure in the body rises over a certain limit, it may cause serious health issues, and in like manner, when water pressure elevates above 80 psi, significant problems occur in the plumbing fixtures, especially the ones that had wear and tear over the years of active usage. A question must be asked: why is the water pressure fluctuating in the home plumbing system?

The right answer to this question is, either the house has a water pressure regulator that is not working properly, or it does not have any water pressure regulator unit to begin with. A water pressure regulator’s function is to stabilize the water pressure in the plumbing system. When the city water pressure is escalating, automatically the house water pressure is affected, and the pressure regulator may not be regulating the water pressure appropriately. If a house does have a pressure regulator, and the water pressure is still fluctuating, then the pressure regulator may not be working fittingly. It might be time to call an experienced plumber in Los Angeles for the right plumbing solution for it.

If a house does not have a pressure regulator unit, it is a smart thing to install one. Usually, professional plumbers install the pressure regulator at a suitable spot in the house in accordance with California Plumbing Code, which could be near the house’s main water shut-off valve. A Licensed professional Plumber in Los Angeles can propose the final explanation for the installation of the water pressure regulator to avoid any unexpected water leaks in the house.

How To Fix Water Leaks

We recommend calling a professional plumbing company to fix a water leak, but if you need a quick remedy to stop any damage, here’s what you can do.

  1. First, locate the leak.
  2. Second, shut off your water.
  3. Now you have three options to seal the leak.
    1. Apply a pipe repair clamp. (You can purchase one of these at your local utility store or online.)
    2. Apply an adjustable hose clamp. (If you don’t have a pipe repair clamp, you can make your own using a piece of rubber and an adjustable hose clamp.)
    3. Apply epoxy putty to your leak. (If your pipe is broken near a joint, it can be hard to slide a clamp over the leak. In this case, apply an epoxy putty over the leak and wait for it to cure.)

Read more about the signs and solutions of a broken water pipe.

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