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Drain & Sewer Services
New Flow Plumbing and Rooter offers complete drain and rooter services in Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, West LA and West San Gabriel Valley areas.Our fully equipped vans and ...
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Broken Water Pipe Repair
Do you have broken water or gas pipes? Do you have water or gas leaks? No problem!We specialize in repairing and installing galvanize, cast iron, copper, clay and other ...
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Water Heater Service
No hot water? Dripping water heater? Low hot water pressure?New Flow Plumbing and Rooter specializes in servicing Gas and Electric Water Heaters. We also offer specials on 40 gallon ...
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Why you need to clean the sink drain at least once a year Bathroom sink clogs are common plumbing issue that homeowner experience and most common reason for the clog is hair. Hairs, especially longer ones, tend to collect around the sink pop and slowly clogs up the drain for the sink. If not taken care of at least once a year, The hair built up can completely block the drain and when neglected even further, it can slide down inside the pipe line therefore clogging the pipe inside the wall or under the house. For that reason, it is recommended to maintain the sink drain cleaning at least once a year, and if you don't want to get your hands dirty, call a qualified plumber . http://newflowplumbing.com/local-plumbing-services/drain-cleaning/
New Flow Plumbing Inc. responded to urgent service call in Los Angeles 90049, for servicing broken water spigot . Below are the pictures of Before and After Plumbing service provided :) http://newflowplumbing.com
Why You Should Consider Trench-less Sewer Pipe Replacement. In case you are experiencing a foul smell coming from your lawn as of late, then it might be a sign of rotting sewer lines. Since this is typically a major job for plumbing, you will need to make sure you appoint qualified professionals. Why Traditional Sewer Line Repairs are a Nightmare Traditional services for sewer line replacement or repair would generally require digging up the landscape. This means the concrete would have to be broken and the lawn area would be disrupted. This can be a nightmare for you as a homeowner. The Most Effective Alternative The bright side is that there are several alternatives to sewer line repairing, the most effective of which is trenchless sewer pipe replacement. This type of sewer line repair is well capable of preventing future repairs, and can avoid all unnecessary damages to your lawn while also helping you save a considerable amount of replacement costs. The Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Pipe Replacement With the help of the trenchless technology, running a huge trench through the property is no longer necessary. The trenchless pipe replacement process is plain and simple, there are two small holes dug for replacing the sewer system. As such, there is no disruption to the surface. http://newflowplumbing.com/ Needless to say, the next time you require sewer line repairs, you should get in touch with reputable professionals that provide trenchless pipe replacement. With their help, you will be able to repair your sewer lines without any damage to your lawn. http://newflowplumbing.com/local-plumbing-services/cleaning-sewer-pipes/sewer-line-inspection-los-angeles/
The Causes of Broken Water Lines Water lines can break due to accidents, such as digging without knowing there is a pipe underneath or high pressure in the pipe which leads to bursts at weak points. There are also other common causes of broken water lines, some of which we will be discussing in this post. There are several different reasons due to which water lines can break or end up cracking. Anything from the material used in the creation of the pipe to environmental influences can play as a factor in damaging the pipe. Some of the factors which can lead to cracked water lines are as follows: • Age plays a pivotal role. Some of the materials, such as clay, tend to break down over the course of time. This leads them to rot away and the water lines are resultantly damaged. • Sometimes, tree roots tend to grow towards any water source, thanks to which they are able to force their way through the little cracks in water lines. Over the course of time, these roots may start blocking the water flow and end up causing smaller cracks to grow larger. • Some environmental factors also play a role in damaging water lines, as they may cause the earth to start shifting, which puts stress on the pipes. This eventually causes the pipes to collapse. In case your water lines have been damaged, it is always recommended that you get in touch with professionals to get the problem sorted out. http://newflowplumbing.com
What Happens When a Pressure Regulator of a House is out of Function? Water pressures are controlled by the device called pressure regulator. Pressure regulators come in different sizes, like 1 inch size, or bigger. Every house in Los Angeles is suggested to have one pressure regulator in front the house, and even when there is one, like every device they go bad after time or wear out. When that happens, water pressure can get out of control inside the house that means it can go higher; it can fluctuate when you take a shower, toilet tanks can malfunction. For residential house suggested pressure is between 40 psi and 80 psi and when pressure regulator gives up, water pressure can go up to 150 psi and even more depending on city flow. To avoid costly plumbing system, it is best to check the pressure of the house water periodically, and if you need a plumber, Call New Flow Plumbing Inc. (818) 538-4958 -- newflowplumbing.com