Signs That You Need Sewer Line Repair And Replacement

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Sewer line problems are especially difficult to diagnose because the pipe is hidden in your yard. Without a professional plumber’s inspection, you won’t be able to tell whether and where your sewage line is leaking, obstructed, or invaded by tree roots. Even though you can’t see the damage, if you know what to look for, you can typically detect the side effects of sewage line damage.

As your leading experts in sewer line repair and replacement in Los Angeles, we have compiled a list of common sewer line repair symptoms.


Pipes That Are Cracked Or Broken

Finally, broken or fractured pipes indicate that your sewage system may need to be replaced. If you have cracked or broken pipes, it is usually time to invest in a new sewage system, regardless of whether the damage was caused by wear and tear or something else.

The Drains Do Not Drain

Clogged drains are a common plumbing issue. But being common does not make them unimportant. A plumber is the only way to determine the severity of a clog. Using chemical drain cleaners to clear the blockage puts the rest of your plumbing at risk. Worse, it won’t help. If the obstruction is minor, your plumber can remove it quickly. However, if your drains are slow due to a sewer system issue, no amount of DIY repair work will help. To fix the damage, you’ll need an expert.

Standing Water with a Bad Odor

An awful stench that appears to be emanating from standing water on your property is one of the most visible and unpleasant side effects of a failing sewer system. Raw sewage should never be able to be smelled as it travels from your home. If you smell a foul odor emanating from the lawn or other areas of the house, it is time to call a specialist.

The Cost of Water is Increasing

Your water bills are continuing to rise. You begin to keep track of your shower times and reduce the number of laundry loads you do, yet the cost of living continues to climb. This could indicate that you have a leaking sewer pipe.

Patches of Green Grass

Have you come across a patch of grass that is particularly green and lush? Is it true that your plants have begun to bloom and develop at an alarmingly rapid rate? Maybe the land around the leaks has been getting extra nutrients from an unexpected fertilizer known as sewage.

Sewer Line That Has Seen Better Days

If you have been made aware that your sewer lines are a little older than they should be, this is always a warning that your sewage system may need to be replaced. Sewage systems can last for many decades, depending on the quality of the materials utilized, but they will not last indefinitely. In the event that you already know that your sewage system is outdated, it may be time to consider getting a new system.

Do Not Delay Sewer Line Repair!

The best approach to keep your house safe and your plumbing in good working order are to schedule sewer line repair appointments as soon as you spot a problem. Keep an eye out for these obvious indicators, and contact our team at New Flow Plumbing whenever you suspect that something is wrong.

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