Top Benefits of Sewer Camera Inspection

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Using cameras and video footage, a professional can now inspect your sewer pipes from the inside. These gadgets can provide you with further information regarding the condition of the drains. This knowledge might help you plan for the future or prepare for any emergency repairs that may be required.

Sewer Camera Inspection in Santa Clarita

Property Valuation

While a plumbing examination isn’t necessary for property inspections or appraisals, it can help you get a better sense of the total value of your property. While upgrading pipes and plumbing may not always increase a home’s value, it can certainly detract from it.

By repairing your property’s pipes before selling, you ensure that nothing goes wrong when the new homeowners come in, and you also ensure that nothing works against you during a home inspection.

Repair completed on time

You can schedule a quick repair for your pipes if you have an accurate diagnosis. This will ensure that nothing goes wrong beneath your house and will save you time in the future.

Determine the Source of the Blockage

Because the video camera can see any obstructions, it can also determine what is producing the obstruction. If a blockage isn’t occurring near the drain, it’s most likely deeper down. Most blockages are caused by hair and other debris in your pipes, but in rare cases, a tree root may be to blame. Yes, you can snake out most obstructions, but other times it will be more difficult, especially if a tree root is creating the issue. As that root compresses and expands, it has the potential to shatter and rupture the pipe. The remedy is to remove it and replace the pipe, not to use a snake.

Find Breaks in Your Lines

Another typical plumbing issue is that people may have breaks in their lines without even realizing it. A broken line can cause sewage to flow into your yard or the foundation of your home, posing a health risk in and of itself. The dirt is just one of the many reasons that can create breakage in your lines. As the soil shifts, the pipes may begin to shift as well. This can lead to structural concerns as well as blockages and other issues. The idea is to replace the pipes while also stabilizing the soil surrounding them.

Assists in Lawn Protection

A sewer line camera inspection not only requires fewer permits but can also safeguard your landscape. Prior to the invention of these cameras, the only way to locate a blockage or crack in a pipeline was to dig a big trench through the property’s lawn. Because it killed your grass, bushes, and even trees on the property, the procedure might take several years to recover from.

It now not only saves you time but also contributes to making the world a little greener.

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You might be curious to see what’s going on in your sewer lines now that you’ve read about the benefits of a professional sewer line camera inspection. A camera inspection makes it easier than ever to observe beneath your property to discover clogs, breaks, and potential leaks. 

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