5 Signs That You Might Need Sewer Line Replacement

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The section of the sewage line responsible for transporting wastewater away from your property—the part that’s below ground and out of sight—is owned and maintained by a public utility. The portion that is on your property, however, belongs to you: it’s up to you to keep this area clean, so there are no blockages or overflow issues.

However, since this pipe is hidden from view and there is no set lifespan for sewage lines, it might not be easy to know when it is time to replace or repair it. Get familiar with the warning signs of a failing sewage line so you can plan ahead for a replacement if necessary.

1. Slow Drainage

Do you have a slow-draining sink or shower? The obstruction is most likely close to the drain. Maybe a plunger or plumber’s snake will do the trick. However, blockages can also occur in inaccessible parts of the sewage pipe. If simple unclogging techniques fail, call a plumber to clear the sewage line for you.

2. Noises Or Backups Gurgling

Don’t ignore the message your plumbing system is sending. You may have a clog deep inside a standard sewage line if you hear gurgling sounds from the sink when the toilet is flushed or bubbles from the toilet water when the washing machine empties. The issue may cause sewage backups if it is not fixed. Whenever this happens, water backs up in the sink or tub before draining away normally.

3. Clogged Bathroom Drain

The waste in a toilet bowl is removed by gravity and the drain’s unrestricted water flow. A slow flush and frequent blockages might indicate something is wrong with your sewage system. Investigating the line with a camera can show the source, which might be anything from invading tree roots and grease accumulation in the kitchen to a broken sewer pipe.

4. Odors From Sewage

Check to see if any foul odors can be picked up while strolling around your yard. You could go down on your knees and smell the damp grass if you wanted to. If you smell sewage around here, you may be sure that it is a sewer. You also shouldn’t be able to smell raw sewage as you go inside the residence. There may have been a sewer backlog or an issue with the P-trap or sewer vent.

5. Hog Holes In Your Lawn

Go for a stroll around the yard. Where there hasn’t been any rain recently, have you found any puddles? Is the grass in certain places noticeably greener than in others? These are indications that wastewater is seeping from your sewage system and entering the ground. Even though free lawn fertilizer sounds great, sewage leaks pose a serious health risk, especially if you also have small children or pets.

Have your lines inspected to learn about their condition and head off potential future issues with your underground plumbing. Also, a skilled plumber can avoid digging up your grass by using a camera to inspect the piping. Here at New Flow Plumbing, we employ highly trained plumbers that can identify and fix any kind of plumbing issue. If you think you may require sewage line replacement or repairs, simply notify us right away for a consultation.

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