The Pros And Cons Of Sewer Line Replacement

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People usually don’t think about their drains and sewer lines unless something goes wrong. Like every other part of a plumbing system, sewer systems degrade with time and use. Their location beneath the ground and within the walls and floors of a building makes it difficult to inspect for signs of trouble until it’s too late. Here are some pros and cons of different sewer line replacements:

Pros Of Traditional Sewer Line Replacement

It ensures that the existing sewer lines are upgraded with new ones. Traditional replacement also removes the potential hazards to the environment and human health that lead pipes provide. 

And if only a little portion of the line has to be changed, this option can be the best one for you. It also offers solutions to issues that arose from the faulty installation of the original sewer lines.

Cons Of Traditional Sewer Line Replacement

If your entire sewage line has to be replaced, or even a significant piece of it, the plumbers will need to excavate a large area of your yard. But it may also cause problems with your road, sidewalk, and fence lines, so it’s not simply a grass issue. It’s the most time-consuming and disruptive method of replacing a sewage line.

Remember that a plumbing service’s price estimate may include the cost of your damaged landscaping. Still, it will not involve hiring a professional landscaper to restore what has been ripped away, which may cost thousands of dollars. 

The cost of a standard sewage line replacement may be less than that of a trenchless one if the service area won’t cause any noticeable disruption to your landscaping. Your budget restraints and the nature of your problem will determine the answer.

Pros Of Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement

Trenchless sewage line replacement employs cutting-edge technology to avoid digging up your yard and has a lifespan of at least half a century. Both of these options for replacing a sewage line do come with some additional, potentially costly considerations.

Replacement of a sewage line using a trenchless method is less disruptive than traditional methods and can be completed in a single day. How quickly something is done relies on how much plumbing has to be changed. 

Trenchless sewage line replacement may be completed without digging up huge areas of your property. Once a hole has been dug at the sewage line’s point of entrance or departure, the old pipe can be broken out, and the new pipe may be inserted. 

It makes practical and financial sense to go with the less invasive approach when considering all the costs associated with standard repair work, such as landscaping and trenching labor.

Cons Of Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement

Trenchless sewer repair has just one major negative: its limited applicability. Unrepairable pipes due to corrosion or age are the only reason to resort to trenching the sewer line for repair.

If you need to replace your sewer line, you should do whatever is most convenient for you. But if you’re unsure which replacement option is best for your sewage line; you can always have a plumbing company evaluate it to determine the full degree of the damage. We at New Flow Plumbing have the skills and knowledge to deal with any plumbing issue that may arise. Save the hassle and call us right away for plumbing problems!


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