How Sewer Video Inspection Can Protect You When Purchasing A Home

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Don’t get an unpleasant surprise after moving into your new home. Plumbers can perform a sewer video inspection to determine the condition of your pipes and whether you need to be concerned. They will insert a specialized video camera into the system to examine clogs, cracks, roots, and other potential problems.

What Is A Sewer Video Inspection?

A professional plumber performs a sewer inspection by inserting a specialized camera attached to a fiber optic cable into the sewer line. The camera captures live video and images of the inside of the sewer pipes and sends them to a screen that the plumber actively monitors. The inspection provides you with an up-close look at the condition of the sewer lines in your home. It is quick, inexpensive, and takes the guesswork out of evaluating underground sewer systems.

Prior to the invention of sewer camera inspections, there were only two expensive ways to determine the condition of a home’s sewer line. You had to either wait until the sewer line started to leak or undertake the costly excavation of a sewer line repair when all you may have needed was a thorough sewer line cleaning such as high-powered hydro jetting.

The Benefits Of A Sewer Video Inspection

An inspection is a standard part of buying a home, and it serves to uncover any major concerns that should be managed before the sale is finalized. The same assurance in the condition of your sewer system may be attained through a video examination. Instead of waiting until the entire house stinks like a swamp to discover the problem, you can find out with this sort of inspection.

Sewer camera inspections assist you in making an educated decision about the home you are about to purchase. You can determine the true state of the underground sewer system and decide whether or not to purchase the home. They are especially useful when purchasing an older home.

During a sewer inspection, you should look for obstructions and leaks. A sewer leak and obstruction can occur for a variety of reasons, many of which are natural or environmental in nature. Most of the time, the seller is completely unaware of their presence.

If the video examination of the sewer system finds pipe problems, you will have a significant amount in any further negotiations. Suppose you’d rather not have someone else do the work. In that case, you can make a lower price that includes the expected cost of fixing the sewer connection, relocating the line, and doing other necessary maintenance.

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Sewer line inspection cameras are only available to professionals. Never attempt this with standard consumer-grade cameras. They are not designed to withstand the conditions in a drainage pipe and may lose focus in any case. Our cameras have a self-focusing feature that helps us diagnose problems more accurately.

A sewer line inspection can help with home purchases, sewer line repairs, and sewer line replacement. To schedule your inspection, contact New Flow Plumbing today. We use sewer cameras during our inspections to avoid unnecessary digging and costs. We guarantee accurate diagnostics and excellent service when we use these sewer scopes.

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