The Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Bursting

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For years, replacing a sewage line included digging a massive, unsightly, costly trench through your property. It was a huge, expensive disaster, and residents are legally responsible for maintaining the sewage pipes that run through their neighborhoods. It’s terrible if there was anything in the way, such as a garden, driveway, deck, or sidewalk.

Thankfully, in the last 15 years, trenchless sewer solutions have become available. Without digging up their yard or causing any other damage, trenchless sewage line maintenance and replacement have quickly become the preferred method for homes and businesses everywhere. Compared to conventional digging methods, trenchless installations cause far less harm to the surrounding landscape.

Here are the benefits of using a trenchless pipe bursting method:

Saves Time 

Repairs may be completed more quickly since less time is spent excavating holes using trenchless methods. Most repairs may be completed in a single day, drastically shortening the time it would take if done the old-fashioned way.


When it comes to plumbing issues, repairing or replacing a home’s sewer line is typically the most costly. Trenchless sewer and pipe repair procedures involve less workforce. Thus they are more cost-effective overall. Landscaping and exterior elements are avoided, too, cutting down on the overall cost of repairs.


Let’s be honest: working in an excavation isn’t the safest thing in the world. When harmful substances like mold and asbestos are exposed after being buried for a long time, such as when excavation work is done, they pose serious health concerns. Therefore, you don’t put yourself in danger if the ground isn’t dug up.

Safe For The Environment

All utility lines (water, sewage, gas, etc.) are buried in the ground and connected by a plumbing system channel. Repairing pipes without digging them up eliminates the possibility of damaging sewage lines and spilling hazardous materials or untreated sewage into the surrounding area.

Landscape Preservation

Sewer pipes for many houses and businesses are buried under lavish landscaping. Backyards may be ruined and expensive to fix when sewage lines need to be dug up. Damage to landscaping is minimized since just one or two tiny holes are dug to access the sewage lines during the trenchless repair.

Repairs That Last

Trenchless sewage repair procedures are as successful as their dig-and-replace counterparts. Long-term, sustainable options include installing cured-in-place liners and using seamless PVC pipes. PVC does not rust or corrode and has a useful life expectancy of more than a century. All criteria for plumbing repair may be met by using trenchless techniques.

Higher Efficiency

Trenchless sewage repairs not only last longer and reduce the frequency of future maintenance, but they also generally enhance the performance of the underground sewer infrastructure. New piping built using trenchless procedures can be larger than existing pipes, and pipe liners can further improve flow capacity.

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