How Much Does It Cost To Camera A Sewer Line?

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If you’re curious about the cost of a standard sewer camera inspection, you’ve come to the right place. There’s no reason to contact a vast group of plumbers or go through several blog posts only to get a few quotes.

Find out how much a sewer camera inspection typically costs, the factors affecting the price, and the cost depending on the method.

Camera Inspection Cost

Depending on the cause, the price of a sewer camera examination might range from $100 to $4,500. Costs will likely range from $253 to $1,396, with an average of $814. When cheaper methods of drain cleaning (like snaking) fail to resolve a clogged drain, homeowners sometimes turn to more expensive camera examinations to determine the cause of the clog.

What Affects The Price Of A Plumbing Inspection?

A plumbing camera inspection price can vary widely depending on several factors. These include the average cost in your region, whether you buy the inspection separately or as part of a package deal. Also, the ease with which the sewer can be accessed or the total length of pipes to be inspected are to be considered.

Length Of Sewer

How far the camera has to go into the sewage, in terms of feet, affects the price. The time it takes depends on the distance the camera has to travel. And unless you have a definite cost estimate, the actual price may be more than you were told because most individuals don’t know how many feet of pipes their plumbing system contains.


There are probably hundreds of feet of pipe on your site. The price changes based on how easily the camera can be accessed. If getting to the work site is difficult, it will take longer than expected, raising the project cost because of the increased labor involved.

Packaged Deals

The best approach to save money and keep your plumbing in good condition is to subscribe to a bundle of services. An individual examination will cost more than combining many inspections into one, and then you’ll still need to have an expert make repairs or clean the system.

Pricing Options For Drain Inspections By Methods

Sewer inspection cameras may detect issues hidden under floors, drains, and elsewhere. Situation-dependent cameras may be employed.


Drones cost $200-300 per hour. They can spot issues, provide excellent photos and videos, and enter confined spaces, although the cost makes it unappealing to homeowners.

Snake Cameras

Snake cameras cost $40 to $160 but are less precise than other cameras. As they only go 20 feet down a sewage pipe, homeowners utilize them for DIY inspections. Though this depth isn’t enough to identify many problems, snake cameras can find some.


CCTV sewage cameras cost $2,500 to $10,000, but you can hire them for $120 to $250 each day. This tiny camera on a thin wire allows a plumber to monitor a live video stream within sewer lines to spot obstructions or damage.

If you have a sudden increase in your water bill, clogged drains, or weak water pressure, you should get a professional plumber to take a look. The plumber can inspect your home’s plumbing for blockages, leaks, root or stone intrusion, and other issues with a sewer scope, which can travel through hundreds of feet of pipe. So contact New Flow Plumbing now! For more about our services, dial 310-299-9284, and we will respond to your queries about any plumbing problems.

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