How Much Is A Sewer Camera Inspection

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The average sewer line camera inspection cost is $685, with charges typically ranging from $250 to $1,175. The price of a video sewer line inspection can range from as little as $100 to as much as $2,650. Typically, fees range from $250 to $1,175. Here’s a hint: bundling a pipe inspection with another service, like sewer cleaning, may allow you to bargain for a lower price. 

You will have to pay extra to have any issues fixed that the camera reveals, whether they are minor issues like a clog caused by your children flushing their action figures down the toilet or significant problems like a tree that has grown into a behemoth, grown super-roots into the pipes, and started leaking. The hourly rate for a local plumber ranges from $45 to $150, plus the materials needed to do the job.

What Elements Affect a Plumbing Inspection’s Price?

The price of a plumbing camera inspection depends on many factors, including local pricing norms, whether you buy the examination alone or as part of a service package, the accessibility of the sewer, and the length of the pipe the camera must travel. 

  • Service Packages 

Service packages are a fantastic method to optimize value and maintain your plumbing. The cost of a single inspection is typically more than the cost of hiring a plumber to perform separate repairs or cleaning. 

For a set fee, some businesses incorporate a video inspection in their cleaning and maintenance packages, including possible repairs or object retrieval. Even though a service package costs more overall, you’ll pay less per task than if you purchased each separately. 

  • Flow Length 

Cost is impacted by the length of the sewer, or at least how far the camera must travel through the pipe. Naturally, it takes longer the further the camera travels. Additionally, unless you have a definite cost estimate, the ultimate cost can be higher than what you were first charged because most people are unaware of the number of feet of pipe in their plumbing system. 

Most common 330-foot heights for sewer inspection services. If your house needs more work, be prepared to spend more on specialized assistance. 

  • Accessibility 

There are probably hundreds of feet of plumbing throughout your property. Cost is influenced by how easily accessed the camera’s entry points are. If accessibility is complex or constrained, this complicates a task that might otherwise be straightforward, adding time—and thus labor costs—to the final bill.

Method-Specific Sewer Inspection Costs 

Digital Cameras 

Live, high-resolution digital cameras can recommend sewer repair or replacement. The camera can record inspections to predict future issues. $3,000-$35,000 

Snake cams 

Snake cameras cost $40 to $160 but are less accurate than other cameras. Homeowners utilize them for DIY inspections as they only go 20 feet down a sewer line. Snake cameras can find some impediments at this depth. 


Rigid borescopes cost $1,000 to $1,700. For straight, non-bending routes, a rigid borescope is recommended. This camera is durable, affordable, and sharp. 

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