How To Repair Galvanized Water Pipe Leaks

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Although galvanized pipe is resistant to corrosion, it is not immune to it. Corrosion will happen eventually, and it will happen from the inside out. Leaks are the best indicator that this is happening. When you notice leaks, the pipe may already be severely damaged. Galvanized pipes are no longer popular, but many older homes still have this fixture. 

What Are The Easiest Ways To Repair A Leaking Pipe

Consider the material and location of the leaking pipe when deciding how to repair it. Pipes leaking in the garage, for example, are usually a more severe repair issue than a supply line under the bathroom sink.

Most DIY pipe repair jobs begin with one of three basic fixes. Please keep in mind that these are only temporary. Once things are under control, call in a pro for permanent pipe repair.

Epoxy Putty: This popular water leak repair material is simple to use. Because the compound must be blended before application, latex gloves are required. In 10 minutes, epoxy putty dries to form a hard-cured seal. As a result, it’s an excellent option for large pipe leaks.

Pipe Tape Repair Kit: Pull out the pipe tape if you have a break that spans several inches. It can frequently stop a leaking pipe when shutting down the water supply is not an option. The silicone tape self-fuses and wraps around all types of pipe leaks.

Repair Patch and Clamp Kit: Sand down any rough edges around the leak before applying a patch and clamp. This helps to keep the neoprene patch from tearing. Position it to cover the damaged area entirely and secure it with the clamp. This is another excellent temporary fix for significant breaks.

How To Repair A Leaking Pipe

Discover The Leak

The majority of pipe leaks are visible. You notice the damage and immediately get to work. If you can’t find the source directly, follow the leak up the pipe’s length. This type of investigation is essential in apartment and condo buildings.

Turn Off The Water

Turn off the water supply to the damaged line once you’ve determined the leak’s location. Supply lines have shut-off valves that stop water flow when turned clockwise. Otherwise, turn off the main water supply to your home.

Remove The Lines

Using a pipe tape kit described above, you can sometimes stop a leaking pipe with water. Otherwise, wait a few minutes before emptying the lines near the leak.

Compare The Fix To The Leak

Determine the type of pipe you’re dealing with. Examine the size of the leak or break carefully. This gives you a better idea of which pipe repair will be most effective. Make the necessary repairs before gradually resuming the water supply.

Check And Call

Inspect your work to ensure that your temporary fix for the leaking pipe is still effective. Finally, contact emergency water leak specialists.


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